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The Operational Excellence Conference – Engaging People, Changing Culture Programme

Engaging People & Changing Cultures To Drive Operational Excellence: Win Senior & ‘Shop-Floor’ Buy-In, Overcome Resistance & Embed & Sustain Behavioural Change For Effective Continuous Improvement Journeys & Operational Excellence Strategies With Measurable Results

A One Day, Cross-Sector Conference & Networking Event, 21st February 2018, Museum of London Docklands.

Culture Thought-Leaders • Engaging Leaders • Culture Shifts On The ‘Shop Floor’ • Engagement Thought-Leaders • Resistance & Obstacles • Metrics & Measurement • Sustaining Excellence • Culture Of Behavioural Safety • Operational Excellence Journey Keynotes

8.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

9.00 GIC Welcome & Interactive Voting Introduction

09.10 Morning Chair’s Remarks
Claire Mølby
Director of Service Global Process Management
Vestas Wind Systems A/S


09.20 Initiate Sustainable Change & Continuous Improvement Cultures With Innovative Tools & Strategies That Will Deliver Operational Excellence

  • Key tools and frameworks to create a culture of excellence and improvement in your organisation
  • Create the right culture with best-practice advice on implementing effective, long-term strategies
  • Change people rather than processes by gauging employee incentives and encouraging and maintaining two-way relationships
  • Cultivate behavioural change across the business with the language and actions which will bring your culture strategies to life

Peter Evans
Director of LCI

Daniel Abrantes
Head of 
Change Management Matrix

Ashutosh Pandey
Head of Continuous Improvement & PMO (Global)

Tammy Palmer
Head of People Development & Engagement
Age UK

Jason Joyce
Head of Service Operations
Boots UK


09.50 From Conception To Continuation, Discover The Pitfalls To Avoid, Successes To Imitate & Strategies To Implement For Successful Operational Excellence Journeys
Real-world insights into the practicalities of operational excellence and continuous improvement schemes and how to successfully embed them within your business.
Adrian Ruth
Director Lean Transformation & Sustainability

10.10 Bonus Session With NKD Learning

10.35 Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.05 Win Senior Stakeholder Buy-In & Empower Your Leaders To Bring Them On Board With Your Change Strategies, Drive Team Commitment & Deliver Business Transformation

  • Best-practice advice for engaging leaders and managers during change to support and motivate their teams
  • Win stakeholder buy-in by demonstrating the tangible benefits of organisational change strategies such as cost-saving, process streamlining and business improvement
  • Key takeaways and the pitfalls to avoid when engaging leaders and managers to support your change proposition

James Dakin
Director of Business Transformation & People Change
Network Rail


11.30 Develop Successful Strategies For Engaging ‘Shop-Floor’ Workers With Cultural Changes For Increased Buy-In & Enhanced Workplace Efficiency

  • Gain front-line buy-in to change programmes for standardised, cross-functional work practices
  • Develop an open culture that encourages honest, two-way dialogue and promotes the personal and company benefits of your change scheme
  • Drive workplace efficiencies by expanding employee understanding of where they can contribute by allowing them ownership and accountability
  • Implement a continuous improvement culture with strategies that successfully change behaviours and attitudes for a fully-engaged workforce



12.10 Harness The Tools & Techniques That Effectively Engage People Across The Workforce Hierarchy To Drive Operational Excellence

  • Gain practical tips on getting the entire organisation engaged and united to drive excellence and results
  • Equip middle management with soft skills to engage teams and win buy-in for co-operative, smooth operations and productivity
  • Harness the latest methodologies for tapping into the workforce mindset for maximum engagement with improvement schemes
  • Develop your communication channels so that workers of all backgrounds, from local to migrant, can be easily reached and brought on board with company goals

Philip Holt
Head of Operational Excellence

Dominic Picillo
Head of Business Improvement

Douglas Whitfield
Head of Operations
South East Water UK

12.20 Bonus Session With Promapp

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.10 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) The Lean Journey
Ste ffan Speer
Business Improvement Director
Morgan Sindall

Colin Ratcliffe
Perfect Delivery Director Construction

Morgan Sindall

B) Customer Experiences & Operational Excellence
Ashutosh Pandey
Head of Continuous Improvement & PMO (Global)

C) Leadership Essentials In The Cultural Change Process
Alexander Breskvar
Director of Offshore Platform Quality & HSE
Siemens Wind Power A/S

D) Digital Transformation & OpEx
Lee Poyner
Head of Continuous Improvement UK&I
ALSTOM Transport

E) Achieving Operational Excellence In A Steep Growth & Change Environment
James Fargher
Operations Director
Bounce Foods

13.40 Afternoon Chair’s Remarks
Peter Evans
Director of LCI


13.50 From Conception To Continuation, Discover The Pitfalls To Avoid, Successes To Imitate & Strategies To Implement For Successful Operational Excellence Journeys
Jason Joyce
Head of Service Operations
Boots UK

14.15 Bonus Session With EG Solutions


14.30 Combat Resistance To Change & Eradicate Disengagement To Ensure Your Workforce Is Entirely On Board With Operational Improvement & Excellence

  • Examine tried-and-tested strategies for successfully managing resistance to change with key takeaways and pitfalls for communicating change arguments
  • Identify key deterrence and disengagement factors to ensure e ffective leadership styles and a compatible business culture
  • Change the mindsets of saboteurs and the disengaged into positive, engaged workers with advice on the processes and techniques which win employee support
  • Nip resistance to digital change in the bud with e ffective training and education strategies for an e fficient, cost-effective business

Daniel Abrantes
Head of Change Management Matrix


14.55 Harness The Best Metrics & Systems For Measuring Results & Proving The Impact Of Engaging Employees & Changing Cultures

  • Prove the success of your change journey with e ffective measurement techniques that link culture shifts with business improvement
  • Explore the tools, customer feedback surveys and KPIs that will help you benchmark and measure your performance
  • How are your competitors measuring engagement? Which tools, macros, systems and behavioural surveys best prove the eff ects of employee engagement?

Douglas Whitfield
Head of Operations
South East Water UK

15.20 Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.50 From Conception To Continuation, Discover The Pitfalls To Avoid, Successes To Imitate & Strategies To Implement For Successful Operational Excellence Journeys
Anil Mathew
Director of Continuous Improvement


16.15 Create Strategies Which Drive Momentum & Encourage Long-Term Investment To Ensure Sustained, Embedded Continuous Improvement & Business Excellence

  • Keep the momentum going with best-practice advice on sustaining improvement and carrying excellence forward
  • What does a sustained culture look and feel like? How does it impact performance to maintain the best processes?
  • Advice for approaching senior operational leadership and communicating their role in sustaining improved operational excellence strategies
  • Build structured but flexible continuous improvement schemes with a look at the wider business and industry for strategies that can adapt and succeed

Leon Ellerton
Head of Operational Excellence, Business Change & Analysis
Civil Aviation Authority


16.40 Weave Behavioural Safety Into Your Organisation With Engaged, Educated Employees For Safe, Productive & Operationally-Excellent Workplaces

  • Initiate and sustain workforce engagement with behavioural safety by meeting basic needs and reinforcing the reasoning behind it
  • Identify and remove the behavioural traits that lead people to make bad decisions for a comprehensive risk assessment system and a safer workplace
  • Stay up to date with the latest behavioural safety regulations to ensure you are complying with industry and legal standards

Simon Neal
Head of Occupational Health & Safety
Ericsson UK


17.05 My Operational Excellence Journey From Conception To Continuation, Discover The Pitfalls To Avoid, Successes To Imitate & Strategies To Implement For Successful Operational Excellence Journeys
Sarah Shipsey
Technical & Business Improvement Director, Utilities
Skanska Utilities

17.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Operational Excellence Conference – Engaging People, Changing Culture, please email partner@opexcultureconference.com.