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Join Us Next Tuesday Online! Book A Virtual Pass Now For Just £289* - Save £310. One Unmissable Day Filled With 18 Insightful, First-Hand & Strategic OPEX Case Studies Plus Real-Time Networking & Q&A Sessions

Embed New Lessons Learnt From Covid-19 & Embrace The Latest Trends To Maintain Effective Continuous Improvement Journeys In Distributed Workforces, Adapt To New Technologies & Changing Cultures, Drive Agile Innovation & Data Efficiencies To Measure Impact, Engage All Employees & Power Operational Excellence Strategies For Long-Term, Future-Proofed Results

A One-Day, Cross-Sector, Virtual Conference & Networking Event, 5th October 2021 - Featuring Our New Tried & Tested Interactive Platform!

"I genuinely have a new burst of energy after hearing from all the speakers! Thank you and well done to everyone involved. Hope to see you all again soon!" NHS South West London CCG (Recent Virtual Event Attendee)

18 Leading Cross-Sector OPEX, Lean, Continuous Improvement & Performance Professionals Unite To Share
Unmissable Insights Into Their OPEX Obstacles, Successes & Journeys!

  1. Cultural Change & Transformation As A Strategic Essential: Explore how to embed long-lasting cultural change as a strategic essential at the heart of OPEX
  2. Maintain Momentum With Shifting & Remote Workplaces: New behaviours and innovations driving OPEX and continuous improvement in our new normal
  3. Obstacles & Resistance! Explore best-in-class examples of managing unexpected change to find silver linings, rethink traditional models and survive and thrive
  4. Drive Employee Engagement, Drive Excellence: Boost motivation and morale during disruptive times from the shop floor to senior leaders
  5. Digital Transformation, Tech & AI Productivity: Investment-worthy tech and AI which deliver increased operational productivity, efficiency and cost-savings
  6. NHS Case Study - My OPEX Journey: The National Director of Lean Transformation for the NHS shares practical insights and lessons learnt
  7. Agile & Innovative Methodology: Beyond the buzzwords, apply the right methodologies to drive operational excellence and continuous improvement today
  8. Measure Impact, Win Senior Buy-In: Evidence commercial and strategic value and prove the impact of operational excellence to win buy-in
  9. Data-Driven Efficiencies: Leverage data to assess productivity, performance and progress, inform future strategies and ensure evidence-based decision making
  10. Consolidating Covid-19 Lessons & The Future Of OPEX: Difficult decisions and painful lessons that will strengthen the strategic future of OPEX in a post-covid economy

4th Annual Event! Our Delegate Testimonials Speak For Themselves! 

"Interactive, diverse and insightful. A thought-provoking opportunity!" 

'Excellent speakers, worthwhile networking and good debate and sharing.'

‘Informative and a brilliant networking event.’

The Operational Excellence Conference At A Glance


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Inspiring Day

PLUS! What's New At The Operational Excellence Conference - Engaging People, Changing Culture?

  • We've Gone Virtual With Tailored Case Studies! Join us live from the comfort of your own home or office!
  • Capture The Momentum Of 2021! Learn and inspire
  • Dedicated Virtual Networking Lounges
  • 18 Practitioner Speakers: OPEX, Lean, Continuous Improvement, Performance & Operations Heads & Directors Speaking From Cross-Sector Organisations
  • Have Your Say! Cross-Sector Tailored Breakouts Including Middle Managers, Lean, Covid-19 Impact & Senior Leadership Buy-In
  • NEW 2021: Lessons Learnt, Covid-19 & Future Of OPEX Panel Discussions
  • Cross-Sector Insights: Construction, Telecoms, Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Insurance & Healthcare
  • Fresh For 2021! The Latest Trends & Strategies For A New OPEX Reality
  • 4 Years Of On-Trend, Innovative & Real-Life Insights
  • Dedicated Breakouts: Senior Leadership, Middle Managers, Lean, Covid-19 Impact & D&I
  • 4 Hot Panel Discussions & Q&A: A) Changing Cultures B) Engaging Employees C) Shifting Workplaces D) Lessons Learnt & Future Of OPEX
  • 2 OPEX Journey Case Studies: Vodafone & Central England Co-operative

How Does The Virtual Operational Excellence Conference - Engaging People, Changing Culture Work?

Inspiring Speakers - Listen to market-leading, brand-side speakers as they share their hard-won insights and experiences with hot topic presentations and panels

Connect & Network - Networking is easy with the use of our discussion board, direct messaging facility, meeting request buttons, live polling and social media feed. Have your say and meet the other attendees

Live Chat - Pose your own questions and comment via the live chat function and interact with other delegates and speakers in real time

Virtual Roundtables & Peer Discussions - There will be breakout discussions during the day to discuss specific areas of interest with like-minded attendees to tailor your experience

Virtual Exhibition - Explore the 'virtual exhibition stands' and speak directly to our carefully-chosen exhibitors to help you tackle your business challenges directly

Virtual Face-To-Face Meetings - Start a conversation with fellow delegates or exhibitors and discuss your individual needs and challenges one-to-one

It’s Easy! All you need is good internet access and a password which we will provide. Presentations and panels are live, and you can type in questions, take part in live polling and also comment on the social feed. For any breakout discussions, it’s just a normal zoom call. You can also direct message or request a meeting with attendees. Sessions will be recorded and will be available as on-demand content after the event.

Now Is Your Chance To Get Involved In The Operational Excellence Conference - Engaging People, Changing Culture!
Get Involved Now & Save £1,000!

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"Interesting format and networking opportunity."

"A great opportunity to meet people! An excellent opportunity to get across the latest trends in operational excellence."

18 OPEX & Continuous Improvement Directors Tackle Your Toughest Operational Excellence Challenges In 1 Day: Engaging Teams, Changing Cultures • Obstacles & Resistance • Shifting Workplaces & Remote Workforces • Engaging People • Digital Transformation, Tech & AI • My Opex Journey • Agile & Innovative Methodology • Data-Driven Efficiencies • Measuring Impact • Consolidating Covid-19 Lessons & The Future of OPEX

A One-Day, Virtual Conference & Networking Event, 5th October 2021. Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3.

08.30 Log In & Explore The Virtual Platform

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Valentina Smirnova, Head of Transformational Projects – Travel, AXA Partners

Obstacles & Resistance | NEW!

09.05 Survive & Thrive: From Managing Unexpected Change To Finding Silver Linings & Rethinking Traditional Models

  • How do you successfully manage and measure change during times of unforeseen crisis?
  • How can you support senior leaders in driving change and gaining stakeholder buy in when time is of the essence?
  • Discover future-proof operating models to survive long-term change and meet unexpected demand
  • Explore how to effectively build in new innovation and processes to overcome, and learn from, communication, tech and engagement challenges
  • Back to the drawing board: discover the importance of building proactive resilience into your organisational structure to prepare for future obstacles
  • Top heavy hierarchies, how can you optimise your work-load distribution to avoid bottle necks, empty schedules and inertia in times of rapid change?

Mike Brett, Operational Excellence Manager, Sanofi

Engaging Employees | Panel Discussion & Q&A

09.25 Engaging Employees During Disruptive Times To Boost Morale & Momentum To Sustain Operational Excellence &
Drive Continuous Improvement

  • From contact centres to delivery drivers to factory floors, engage deskless and distributed employees across the organisation in OPEX initiatives and
    overcome connectivity barriers with targeted, transparent communication
  • Live streams, podcasts, Yammer and Teams…communication tools have rapidly increased but how can you increase the efficiency of your comms to
    unlock the next level of OPEX engagement?
  • CEOs and crisis comms: how to rapidly communicate key messages to prepare for change and reveal the human side of your upper management
    to win employee buy in and trust?
  • How to collect and harness representative feedback which reflects the real concerns of your entire workforce, not just desk-based managers?

Stuart Anwyl, Head of Operational Excellence, Balfour Beatty



Pete Gough, Partner & Continuous Improvement Development Manager, Waitrose & Partners



Scott Worth, Operational Excellence Manager, Central England Co-operative



Richard Jones, Head of Process Excellence & Improvement, Thames Water



10.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

10.15 Morning Coffee Break & Informal Networking

Measure Impact & Win Senior Buy-In

10.45 Evaluate & Prove The Impact Of Operational Excellence To Evidence The Commercial & Strategic Value Of OPEX & Win Buy-In

  • From KPIs to metrics, how do we govern and measure OPEX to provide consistent practise and comparable results?
  • Stand out from the crowd: successfully benchmark your performance to identify room for improvement and fine-tune your success criteria
  • Steer clear of vanity metrics to accurately record success throughout the project lifecycle
  • ROI? CX? Reduced waste? Increased production? Translate your progress into visually-digestible information which satisfies the c-suite
  • How do you measure change to prove value-added, ROI and highlight the integral role of OPEX?

Speaker to be announced, please check the website for updates.

11.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

Digital Transformation, Tech & AI

11.20 Identify Investment-Worthy Tech & AI To Deliver Increased Operational Productivity, Efficiency & Cost-Savings In A Time Of Accelerated Digitalisation & Limited Budgets

  • Review the tech advances and trends of the past 18 months to determine the best technology investments to match most urgent business needs
  • Uncover the true value of AI and RPA - where they can be used to greatest effect and where do their limits lie?
  • Digital revolution leads to human revolt? Tech integration approaches which overcome internal resistance
  • How can you find technology that not only withstands the test of time but adapts to unforeseen change and grows with you to save repeat investment
  • Explore the road map of tech companies for 2022: set long-term tech strategies that avoid constant change and alteration to protect the bottom line

Speaker to be announced, please check the website for updates.

OPEX Journey Case Study - Central England Co-operative

11.40 From Set Up To Stumbles & Success: Share The Vision, Goals & Strategies That Define, Drive & Sustain Your OPEX Journey

  • Concept versus reality, shape your OPEX function to align with the wider company strategy, justify importance and expand your vision
  • How can you guarantee buy-in from stakeholders who support your goals and invest in your success?
  • From paper to people, navigate the challenges of translating CEO priorities into actionable strategies and long-term, quantifiable progress for all levels
    of your organisation
  • How can you successfully convey the essence of your OPEX function from the office environment to remote teams to continue with OPEX as normal?

Scott Worth, Operational Excellence Manager, Central England Co-operative


12.00 Morning Chair’s Closing Remarks

12.10 Lunch Break & Informal Networking

Informal Breakout Discussions

12.20 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Lean
Stuart Anwyl, Head of Operational Excellence, Balfour Beatty



Dr Steven Ward, Lean Expert, Balfour Beatty



B) Coronavirus Impact
Koustuv Basu, Senior Program Manager, Ops Integration, Amazon


C) People Productivity
Scott Rolph, Global Head of Continuous Improvement & Cost Transformation, BT


13.00 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

OPEX Journey Case Study - Vodafone Business

13.10 Explore How Vodafone Business Are Merging Agile & Operational Excellence To Deliver Discrete Incremental Benefit Whilst Using Process & Data To Prioritise Improvement Across An End-To-End Journey

Ric McCormick, Process, Improvement & Analysis Practice Lead, Vodafone Business


13.50 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Changing Cultures | Panel Discussions & Q&A

14.05 Not Just An Add-On, Embed Sustainable & Long-Lasting Cultural Change As A Strategic Essential At The Heart Of OPEX

  • How do you successfully manage change within your company culture to deliver long-lasting impact, innovation and continuous improvement?
  • Build workplaces which support employee mental health and wellbeing and retain face-to-face interaction in a social distancing world
  • Explore fear and enthusiasm around cultural change to uncover the mindsets, motivations and obstacles behind your change strategies, innovation targets and vision
  • How can you increase an individual’s awareness of their role in change and operational efficiency to drive accountability and trust within teams?

Nicolas Bry, Strategic & Open Innovation Booster Orange Africa & Middle-East, Orange



Alco jensema, Continuous Improvement Lead, Europe & ANZ, McDonald’s



Koustuv Basu, Senior Program Manager, Ops Integration, Amazon



Scott Rolph, Global Head of Continuous Improvement & Cost Transformation, BT

Data-Driven Efficiencies

14.40 Leverage Data To Assess Productivity, Performance & Progress, Inform Future Strategies & Ensure Evidence-Based Decision Making

  • But what is the data telling you? Tactics to best assess and interpret the information at your fingertips to uncover problems, design improvements
    and achieve the organisational goals
  • Drive agility with accurate performance temperature checks to refine strategies on the go!
  • How can you ensure experience gained is consistently fed in from the very beginning of future initiatives?

Anni Stores, Head of Business Change & Continuous Improvement, MAG (Airports Group)



Kate Rawlings-Brown, Strategic Product Delivery Exec Tech & Transformation, MAG (Airports Group)


15.00 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Agile & Innovative Methodology Application | Double Perspective

15.30 Ensure Agile Is More Than A Buzzword: Assess & Apply The Right Methodologies To Drive Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement In Our New Reality

  • In today’s uncertain times, agility is critical… but how can you lay the foundations when the ground is always moving?
  • Scrum, Lean, Kaizen, Waterfall, Kanban, Hoshin, Six Sigma, Prince2… with so many schools of thought for the same objective, how do you determine the
    right fit that will drive your OPEX strategy forwards?
  • Convert and conquer: prove the value of agile to bring colleagues along on the agile journey and build unified, purpose-driven teams

15.30 Perspective One
Andrew Watson, Principal Software Delivery Lead, Current Health


16.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

OPEX Journey Case Study - The Coca-Cola Company

16.25 From Set Up To Stumbles & Success: Share The Vision, Goals & Strategies That Define, Drive & Sustain Your OPEX Journey 

  • Discover how Coca-Cola are emerging stronger and turning crises into opportunities with new operating models and expediated plans for
    long-term improvement

Gerry Meegan, Director, Value Delivery, The Coca-Cola Company

Case Study

16.45 Viatris OPEX Case Study – Total Productive Maintenance

Explore the key challenges, obstacles and lessons-learnt from Viatris and hear how they are driving effective operations and engaging colleagues for
sustained continuous improvement

Richard Hayes, Operational Excellence Director, Viatris

The Future Of OPEX | Panel Discussion & Q&A

17.05 Painful Lessons & Future Trends: What Have We Learnt From COVID-19 That Will Strengthen The Strategic Future Of OPEX & What Are The Emerging OPEX Trends In A Post-COVID, Post-Brexit & Uncertain Economy?

  • How can we innovate and improve on core processes that have been exposed as outdated or ineffective by COVID-19?
  • How has COVID-19 enabled you to future-proof your OPEX function and build resilience across your company to withstand future challenges?
  • What pre-conceptions of the workplace have you challenged and how can we maintain positive change moving forwards?
  • How can we harness the progress of the past year to drive operational excellence and continuous improvements forwards and avoid falling back into old habits?
  • What are the OPEX's emerging trends (e.g. Industry 4.0, sustainability, RPA and Big Data)?

Alessandro Laureani, Operations Leader, Microsoft


17.35 Closing Remarks & Close Of Conference