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Book Today - Spaces Strictly Limited! Drive Operational Excellence Success With Improvement-Receptive Cultures - 25 Speakers In 1 Day

Fire Up Your People To Unlock Innovation & Efficiency Potential In Your Tools, Tech, Culture, Operations & Processes: Drive Continuous Improvement With New Tech & Automation • Combat Resistance & Win People Over To Maximise Business Potential • Step Back To See The Big Picture: Assess & Enhance Capabilities, Deliver Targeted Improvements • Apply Data & Metrics To Benchmark Progress • Build Methodology Toolkits • Achieve Ops Excellence Efficiently In The Digital Working World

5th Annual, One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 8th September 2022, The Cavendish Conference Centre. Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3. No Visa Needed From Most EU Countries - Find Out More.

25 Cross-Sector Leaders From Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Transformation & Business Improvement Teams Delve Into Their Insights, Strategies & Innovations To Practically Assess Capabilities & Data & Apply Methodologies Which Transform Organisations Into High-Performance, Change-Ready Cultures With Savvy Tech & Automation Adoption

  1. Digital Transformation Success: Drive change now with business-aligned operational excellence strategies
  2. Engaging Employees In Improvement & Excellence: Make OPEX part of your culture and ‘business as usual’ to share ownership and keep on evolving the organisation - BEST APPROACHES
  3. Combat Resistance To Stimulate & Sustain Change: From C-suite to shop floor, what are the best steps to encourage an appetite for improvements?
  4. Fuse New Tech & Automation With CI: From RPA to programming and machine-learning… delve into tech efficiencies to modernise processes and streamline operations
  5. Big Data Or Clever Data? Translate growing volumes of data into powerful insights which find root causes, enhance business intelligence, increase speed of response and seize every opportunity - NEW INSIGHTS
  6. Methodologies & Capabilities Toolkit: Assess and grow your capabilities with targeted approaches that best leverage your colleague potential and sustain excellence - NEW!
  7. Achieve Ops Excellence In Hybrid Working Environments: Visualisation tools and comms techniques to propel productivity and inspire colleagues in a hybrid world
  8. The Future Of OPEX? The Impact Of Hybrid-Working, Sustainable Goals & New Tech: Prepare now with business intelligence and direct your long-term strategies for success - CUTTING EDGE!

5th Annual Event - Our Delegate Testimonials Speak For Themselves! 

The Operational Excellence & Business Improvement Conference At A Glance


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Inspiring Day

PLUS! What's New At The Operational Excellence & Business Improvement Conference - Embed Culture & Tech?

  • 5 Years Of Cutting-Edge Practical Lessons
  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up! Shell, AstraZeneca, KFC & Many More...
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions & Q&A: A) Engaging Colleagues In OPEX Culture B) Capabilities Assessment & Methodologies Toolkit C) The Future Of Operational Excellence
  • Dedicated Break-Out Discussions On Critical Themes: Net Zero & Energy Efficiencies, Supply Chain & Price Volatility, Leaders & Managers, Workforce & Labour Issues & Customer Experience
  • Peer Sharing & Networking - In-Person!
  • NEW 2022: Methodologies & Capabilities Toolkit
  • 7 Perspectives From Around Europe

How Does The Operational Excellence & Business Improvement Conference - Embed Culture & Tech Work?

Inspiring Speakers - Listen to market-leading, brand-side speakers as they share their hard-won insights and experiences with hot topic presentations and panels.

Connect & Network - Networking is easy with our dedicated coffee and lunch breaks hosted in the exhibition and networking room.

Live Q&A - Pose your own questions and comment after every session.

Roundtables & Peer Discussions - Join breakout discussions during the day to discuss specific areas of interest with like-minded attendees to tailor your experience.

Exhibition Area - Explore the exhibition stands in the networking room and speak directly to our carefully-chosen exhibitors to help you tackle your business challenges directly

One-To-One Meetings - Speak to our sponsorship team about pre-arranged meetings with fellow delegates to take place on the day.

Now Is Your Chance To Get Involved In The Operational Excellence & Business Improvement Conference - Embed Culture & Tech!
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Can You Help Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement & Transformation Professionals Boost Performance? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

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"Interesting format and networking opportunity."

"A great opportunity to meet people! An excellent opportunity to get across the latest trends in operational excellence."

25 OPEX & Continuous Improvement Directors Tackle Your Operational Excellence Challenges In 1 Day: Digital Transformation • Engage In OPEX Culture • Change Management & Resistance • New Tech & Automation • Data, Metrics & ROI • Capabilities & Methodology • OPEX In Remote/Flexible Workspaces • Future Of Operational Excellence

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Will Burrows, Continuous Improvement Manager, Halfords

Sarah Wooledge, Continuous Improvement Manager, Binding Site


09.10 With Accelerating Digital Adoption, Drive The Change Now With Ops Excellence Strategies To Consolidate Your Business Intelligence, Set Transformative Targets & Hit New Heights

  • In the post-Covid landscape, should digital-first solutions be the default setting? How can we encourage budget-holders to buy into
    transformation and focus on deploying initiatives that are digital-ready?
  • Make robust preparations for the pace and scale of change to ensure smooth transitions and avoid lapses in productivity during modernisation
  • Raise the capability of your workforce to embrace digitalisation, thrive in new skillsets and drive innovation and effectiveness
  • Leverage software development to achieve solid visualisation in a hybrid and digitised world

Dr. Andreas Klesse, Head of Operational Excellence, E.ON


09.30 Build Improvement & Excellence Practices As Key Capabilities Across Operations & Processes To Give Colleagues Ownership In Finding Solutions

  • Engage colleagues throughout your organisation and support them with the tools to drive excellence
  • How can you ensure that leadership and senior management value and prioritise OPEX, champion its strategies in their business vision, and embed OPEX as a key practice within “business as usual”?
  • Hone your communications to cascade challenges up to management, channel KPIs down to the shop floor, and expand your OPEX capabilities
  • Actively encourage grassroots feedback throughout the business to bring areas for improvement to the surface and invest in this feedback to fuel your company wide OPEX culture

Lee Reed, Director Of Franchise Operations, KFC UK & Ireland



Alexandru Costin Stoica, Operational Excellence Lead, Michelin



Joanna Wood, Group Operational Excellence Director, BAE Systems



Anthony Savell, Head of Business Optimisation, Close Brothers



Stuart Jones, Head of Operations (UK West), Hitachi Rail



10.00 An Era Of Constant Unpredictability & The Need For Agility: How To Adapt, Drive & Sustain Change & Innovation & Minimise Resistance?

  • Achieve successful business change and transformation with continuous improvement-led projects that ensure the goals of change are closely aligned to business strategy
  • In a complex, cost-sensitive climate with regional silos and localised cultures, how can OPEX practitioners ensure widescale, sustainable, meaningful change above rash and rushed initiatives?
  • Managing confrontation: how can we successfully combat direct resistance to change?
  • Tap into behavioural psychology: how can we best equip our colleagues and leaders to embrace novelty when the pace of change has been so fast that many are struggling to cope?

Jenny Baynes, Head of EPM & Business, Improvement (Digital services), National Highways




10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. Please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

OPEX CASE STUDY - Drive Change

11.20 Learn How STADA Group Transformed Their OPEX Culture Via A Restructuring Process To Yield High Performing Teams, Address Process Mapping Requirements, Resolve Shortcomings & Enhance Business Capabilities

  • How did we go about the creation of end-to-end value streams?
  • How we fostered support through coaching and bought-in leadership
  • The role of visualisation and modelling in driving change
  • Lessons learned: driving change from a local pilot to global governance across 18 sites

Alex Paterson, Opex Director (Tech Ops UK & Network Lead), STADA Group


11.40 Fuse New Technologies & Automation With Continuous Improvement & Operational Excellence To Ensure Fit-For-Purpose Upgrades That Add Value

  • Build your investment case for deploying critical new systems and machinery and secure flourishing long-term ROI
  • Technical knowledge is only part of the solution: secure strategic expertise around automation to roll out upgrades with impact and slick business design
  • With machine learning, RPA, programming and more, harness the potential of cost-effective technologies to drive efficiency and effectiveness in your operations
  • Where automation is ironing out human error and replacing traditional roles, transform your workforce with digital and data-responsive skillsets, and rally colleagues around their roles in enhancing productivity

11.40 Perspective One
Frank Thielman, Head Lean - Global Operational Excellence, Takeda



12.00 Perspective One
Katie Entwistle, RPA DevOps Senior Specialist, Oxford City Council



DATA, METRICS & ROI - Add Value!

12.20 How To Translate Growing Volumes Of Data Into Reliable, Meaningful Insights With Quicker, Actionable Benefits & Fuel OPEX Success

  • Ask the right questions and create and track metrics that are sensitive to your business objectives
  • Expand the adoption and frequency of data collection and reviews throughout your business to facilitate better root cause analysis
  • Enhance the visibility of your operations through dashboards and graphics to take advantage of business opportunities in real time, understand risks and manage your assets more responsively
  • How can you combine data with the interpreting skills and training needed to drive intelligent decision-making, and expand your business intelligence to operators in the field?
  • Capitalise on internal and external benchmarking to measure success, set targets, and optimise performance
  • End the cat-and-mouse game: from responding to failures to anticipating problems and nipping them in the bud, drive efficiencies through forecasting and lean on your data and AI capabilities for proactive improvement

Katie Payne, Process Automation Lead, Ageas UK



12.40 Morning Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

12.50 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


13.20 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Supply-Chain & Price Volatility

B) Net Zero & Energy Efficiencies

C) Workforce & Labour Issues

D) Leaders & Managers

Will Burrows, Continuous Improvement Manager, Halfords



E) Customer Experience


14.00 Deep Dive The Top Schools Of Thought & Expand Best Practice Throughout Your Business With Well-Honed & Targeted Methodology Application

  • Map your business capabilities to bring the right problems to the surface, and unlock the roadmap to your business objectives and long-term strategies
  • Revisit new processes to temperature check performance, assess pain points and recalibrate your outputs
  • When it comes to agility and standardisation, think horses for courses: how can different methodologies be harnessed in localised contexts and work cultures and push towards common targets and KPIs?
  • Communicate and instil improvement and excellence practices with colleagues straightforwardly to encourage wide and speedy adoption
  • Expand lean maturity assessments to new sectors and areas of businesses in the evolved workplace to extend the reach of operational excellence

Alco Jensema, Continuous Improvement Lead Europe & ANZ, McDonald's



Yash Date Operations Manager (Operational Excellence), Amazon



Alejandro Alvarado Méndez Continuous Improvement Project Manager, LEO Pharma



14.30 Hear How Shell Has Brought Together A Range Of Expertise Areas To Help The Organisation Learn & Adapt Faster To Proactively Manage The Next Phase Of Their Journey

  • How we are bringing to life new mindset and behaviours
  • How we are embedding improvement and learning into our revised Operating Model
  • How we are evolving our Continuous Improvement skills and capabilities to respond to the future

Roddy Macfarlane, Centre of Expertise Lead for, Continuous Improvement, Shell


14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. Please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


15.50 Harness Tools & Metrics To Get To Grips With Best OPEX Practice In Hybrid Spaces & How To Optimise Productivity In The Evolving Workplace

  • Missing pens, post-its and white-boards? Harness digital visualisation tools to find added value on the screen and in live feeds, revamp your OPEX and revitalise elements such as process mapping with interactive engagements
  • Secure the right processes and habits for video conferencing to garner effective communication that boosts colleague dynamism and leadership confidence in productivity
  • No one-size-fits-all for Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z: hone your digital channel craft to serve the IT capabilities and communicative styles of different colleague profiles and ensure active engagement from everyone
  • How can we best track engagement and productivity within hybrid working patterns to better understand and respond quickly to underperformance
  • Where colleagues are far apart, how are companies replicating the value of in-person interactions?

Speaker to be announced. Please check the website for updates.


16.10 Guide Long-Term Strategy Around Business Targets To Direct Decision-Making Now & Future-Proof Your Operations & Safeguard Progress

  • Future of work? With hybrid working the “new normal” for many, how can we ensure we are working to our full potential?
  • Can the robots take over? Where can AI do the lean nudging for you with self-learning systems that propose changes reliably and influence strategy?
  • OPEX has traditionally been primarily driven by the bottom line… but if we switch focus to another driver such as sustainability or customer-centricity, how do our excellence and improvement strategies need to change?
  • How can operational and organisational excellence fuel business resilience?
  • Industry 4.0: what are the ongoing challenges for businesses playing catch-up in this new era?

Ashutosh Pandey, Senior Director & Head of Business Process Transformation, Nokia



Lisa Watkins, Head Of Business Improvement, Pets at Home



Eduard Vidal, Operational Excellence Manager, BASF



Ben Sawyer, Head of Operational Improvement, Oxford University Press



Joel Roxburgh, EMEA Director of Business Transformation & Operational Excellence, Dexcom



Ionut Petrache Transformation & Operational Excellence Lead, Michelin



Parul Kumar, Group Head of Operational Excellence, London Stock Exchange Group




16.40 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

16.50 Official Close Of Conference

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