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Book Before This Thursday For Just £499* - Save £150 & Join Your Senior Peers For The Latest PEX Insights & Live Q&A In Central London At The 4th Annual Event!

Revolutionise Tech & Automation Efficiencies & Redefine Company Cultures For Intelligent, Sustainable & Future-Proofed Continuous Process Excellence & Business Improvements
Transform Your Culture Of Process Excellence & Continuous Improvement Post-Pandemic By Creating Change Champions Throughout The Organisation & Successfully Implementing & Integrating New, Benefit-Boosting Technologies, Automation, Methodologies & Data Efficiencies To Achieve Real Results For Both The Business & Customers

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, Central London, 22nd February 2022.

25 Process & Business Improvement Leaders Unite & Uncover Strategies To Cultivate Change-Positive Cultures Which Embrace & Champion Process Excellence & Continuous Improvements Throughout The Organisation & Strategies To Embed The Latest AI, ML, RPA, Tech, Data & Methodologies Into Day-To-Day Business Operations For Tangible Results

  1. Brand New, Streamlined Continuous Improvement Initiatives: Develop your process strategies to maximise sustained and lasting change
  2. Automation, ML, RPA – Maximise Business Impact & Growth: Unlock the potential of automation in your business
  3. Engage People, Change Cultures & Embed Improvement! Achieve the right organisational structure and culture to secure long-term success
  4. Reset & Reignite With Robust Post-Pandemic Processes: Lessons learned to redesign business processes and power innovation and engagement in the new hybrid-working world
  5. Drive Results With Data-Driven Process Excellence: Strategically evaluate and interpret data to ensure evidence-based decision making and inform new strategies
  6. The Latest Budget-Friendly, Quick-To-Implement Tech! Assess new technologies to best serve your business goals
  7. Secure Excellence With Best-In-Class Methodologies: Critically analyse methodology applications and process improvement schools of thought to reap the benefits day in, day out
  8. Watertight, Winning Measurement Strategies: Accurately benchmark KPI productivity, performance and progress to tangibly record results and refine ongoing strategies
  9. Fuel Progress By Engaging Leaders & Securing Buy-In: Develop improvement champions in your leadership who positively influence wider business cultures
  10. Navigate & Overcome Obstacles & Barriers To Change: Real-life lessons learned and experiences shared for conquering obstacles to change and improvement